Rakuten Ichiba

Shopping guide

Welcome to Rakuten Ichiba!

You can shop products from merchants all over Japan.
Let us give you a quick start guide how to enjoy shopping at Rakuten Ichiba.


  • 1 . Large selection of products

    We offer 200M+ products from 50K+ merchants. You can enjoy a variety of products sold in Japan.

  • 2 . Reward program

    You will earn approximately 1% of the purchase price in points (1pt for 100 JPY excluding tax). Rakuten Points you received can be redeemed on purchases at Rakuten Ichiba as well as affiliated stores in Japan.

    Click here forAffiliated store(JPN)Your point(EN)

  • 3 . Promotions

    We have many promotions every day! Please find them at the top of Rakuten Ichiba home page.

    Rakuten Ichiba home page(JPN)

    *Above image is as of February 2023

    Most of the pages are written in Japanese. So you may need to translate them in some way. Thank you for your understanding.

How to shop

Step by step guide for shopping process at Rakuten Ichiba.

Find products

Search and find products you want to buy from Japan.

Input the product name or keywords in the search box located at the top of Rakuten Ichiba home page (JPN).

*Japanese keywords will return more accurate search result.

Category navigation is also available.

Once you find the product, click to proceed to see details.

Press "商品をかごに追加" button to add to cart.

Press "ご購入手続きへ" button to proceed to checkout.


Products with this icon offer free shipping in Japan when the purchase amount at checkout exceeds 3,980 JPY (incl. tax).

*There are some exceptions such as specific products, shipping destination, etc.

Click here for details(JPN)

Products with this icon offer next-day-delivery when the order is placed before the cut-off time.

*Next-day-delivery will not be applied to international shipping.

Click here for details(JPN)

Products with this icon offer redeemed points of your purchase price, without entry.

Click here for details(JPN)


Select your preferred delivery and payment method.

  1. Shopping cart

    Please press "ご購入手続き" button to proceed.

  2. Rakuten members
    Rakuten members

    Please input your user ID and password and press ”ログイン” button.

    Non-Rakuten members
    Non-Rakuten members
    1. Input your information

      Please input your name, postal code, address, etc.

      If your delivery address is same as your personal address above, please select "注文者と同じ". If you want to deliver to the other address, please select "別のお届け先を指定".

      If you selected "別の住所に送る" at the address for delivery, please press "別のお届け先に送る" button here.

      Input the other shipping address and press "追加" button.

    2. Payment method

      Please select your preferred payment method as below. Credit card: クレジットカード Bank transfer: 銀行振込 Cash on delivery: 代金引換 Pay at convenience store/post office

      *Some payment methods may charge transaction fee. *Credit cards issued by overseas may not be accepted by some merchants.


Rakuten Global Express(EN)

International shipping may not be available at some merchants. By registering Rakuten Global Express, you can ship products from all merchants and also consolidate in one package to save on shipping!

For credit card payment failure

Please find this FAQ (EN)

Complete payment

Confirm your order and complete payment.

  1. Confirm your order detail and press the "注文を確定する" button.

  2. You've completed your order when you see the "Thank you" page.

  3. Order confirmation email

    You will receive an order confirmation email once the checkout is completed.

    Subject : 【楽天市場】注文内容ご確認(自動配信メール)
    Sender : order@rakuten.co.jp

  4. Payment confirmation email

    If you select bank transfer or other advance payment, you will receive an email to complete payment.

    Subject : 【楽天市場】お支払い手続きのご案内
    Sender : order-confirm@order-rp.rms.rakuten.co.jp

    Please make sure to allow @order-rp.rms.rakuten.co.jp domain to receive on your email account.


purchase history

Please wait for a while to receive your products. (Some merchants may not send an email when the product is shipped.) You can check the shipping status via purchase history page (EN). If you made your purchase without member registration, please check here (EN). If you selected deferred payment, you will need to make payment after you receive the product. See more detail (JPN).